Aleksandra Mir - The Meaning of Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers is a print project by Aleksandra Mir produced in Palermo, Sicily, in the summer of 2006. Drawing upon the fact that flowers are classically imbued with a specific set of semantic meanings, many of them idealistic and hopeful, Mir has edited and revised the botanical code in a more socially relevant fashion. The new meanings suggest insecurity, doubt, fatigue, betrayal and reconciliation—symptoms and elements that comprise the majority of romantic relationships. Combining both ‘high’ and ‘low’ fine-art techniques, such as that of the elegant letterpress that recalls old world civility and the pressed fruit and vegetables from local markets that hearken back to kindergarten art activities, a completely new and idiosyncratic type of botanical print is created.

Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead

Officially getting pretty excited for the new BoC album. Sounds like they’re getting back to the more complex, synthetic beats of Music Has The Right To Children, as opposed to the more straightforward rock-ish drums of everything since then. I always thought they did that kind of beat programming uniquely well — like Autechre filtered through some sort of weird organic decomposition process, plus the occasional bongo — and was bummed that they ditched it so quickly. Also the Moroder-esque arpeggio going on in this song is a new direction for them; less analog 80’s, more digital. Stoked.

Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie And Clyde

Man, this song. I heard it for the first time on this week’s Mad Men, liked it, thought maybe it was Gainsbourg and also felt like I’ve completely failed at this music listening thing to be only hearing it now, via a TV show no less. Or maybe it’s just that stumbling on something new, music-related and fantastic via completely unpersonalized mass media (as opposed to hyper-curated content drips like Twitter, Rdio or This Is My Jam) feels pretty unfamiliar at this point, and my age.

Or maybe I’m just a snob who thinks he’s cooler than the snobby TV show he’s watching, and isn’t.

Anyway, I was mostly just excited because it’s great, and I’m glad I found it, and I’m surprised it has a music video, and here is the music video.

Also, the majestic, crescendo-that-never-ends vibe of this reminds me of the tail-end of Deerhunter’s "Desire Lines" — right about here to be exact. If I still played records in public I would totally mix the former into the latter. And those would be 10 totally sublime minutes.

In the moment an emotion is expressed or an event reported on, I don’t quite feel the emotion or the event; the names for things partially and temporarily replace their actuality. The need for this relief may explain the desperate quality of my and perhaps your online reading, and of much that is written online or said into TV cameras. Language in the utterance is some escape from what it says. But then the world that is not bits or syllables resumes its undeflected course.
Benjamin Kunkel on the Boston Marathon bombings, thoughtful and thought-provoking.