I’m not sure if I’m a fan of AOL’s new “Aol.” rebrand (the period is offputting) but these new “reveal films” by Universal Everything are truly stunning.  The animation is by Field.io, who are also responsible for these amazing clips which I linked to a while ago.  The sound design is by Simon Pyke, who it turns out I already know as Freeform.  I think I like love the music in these clips better than anything I’ve heard from him as Freeform — where can I get an album of this stuff?

"The Yo-Yo Master & Lost Kid" by Imagination Inc., as shown on Sesame Street

Oh man, that image of the guy sucking himself into his yoyo was definitely lodged somewhere deep in my brain. Many more fantastic examples of Sesame Street’s brilliance at the link below.

Rhizome | Sesame Street Highlights

First airing in 1969, Sesame Street was an innovation in educational television. In addition to producing its own live action sequences, the show reached into the worlds of film and animation and commissioned work from studios such as Jeff Hale’s Imagination, Inc., John and Faith Hubley’s Storyboard Films, and Jim Simon’s Wantu Enterprises. The program also pioneered the use of early computer graphics from the Scanimate analog computer courtesy of Dolphin Productions in New York City. All of these elements combined to create some of the most adventurous and artistic children’s programming ever shown on television.