Art Clokey, Gumbasia, 1953 (source)

Wonderful early stop-motion film by Art Clokey. I just finished watching Gumby Dharma, a very sweet documentary about Clokey. According to the film, a studio executive saw Gumbasia and was so impressed that he gave Clokey carte blanche to create a television series using the same technique, without any idea what the storyline or characters would be. That show was Gumby. Reminds me a lot of early Jim Henson stuff — I wonder if the two ever met.

15 Unpublished Photos of Hanna-Barbera Making ‘The Flintstones’ | Cartoon Brew

15 Unpublished Photos of Hanna-Barbera Making ‘The Flintstones’ | Cartoon Brew

Pretty clever stop-motion work from Part and Parcel. (via Design Envy)

Really amazing animation by Matthias Hoegg. Lots of sharp pattern and color going on here.  Reminds me of Charlie Harper and the great Always With Honor in places. Some nice still and production art here.

(via Cartoon Brew)

Here’s a really lovely unofficial music video for Animal Collective’s “Lion in a Coma” by Israeli animation student Ori Toor. Love all the colors and creativity going on here. (via Cartoon Brew)

"Swinging the Lambeth Walk" by Len Lye

This is really wonderful. Circa 1939, filmed in awesomely-named Dufaycolor.

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Procrastination by Johnny Kelly

This is really amazing. Love the mix of hand-drawn, digital, and stop-motion animation. Also, it’s way more colorful than the thumbnail would lead you to believe.

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Animated clip by Andy Rementer, made for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. I always enjoy this guy. Especially love the broccoli pits. And speaking of Mr. Rementer, if you haven’t gotten into Techno Tuesday, you totally should. Some of the most on point (and, er, slightly depressing) commentary on digital living I’ve seen, regardless of medium, period. (via Creative Review)

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of AOL’s new “Aol.” rebrand (the period is offputting) but these new “reveal films” by Universal Everything are truly stunning.  The animation is by, who are also responsible for these amazing clips which I linked to a while ago.  The sound design is by Simon Pyke, who it turns out I already know as Freeform.  I think I like love the music in these clips better than anything I’ve heard from him as Freeform — where can I get an album of this stuff?

Animation by Steve Finkin, as shown on Sesame Street

…and I love this.

"The Yo-Yo Master & Lost Kid" by Imagination Inc., as shown on Sesame Street

Oh man, that image of the guy sucking himself into his yoyo was definitely lodged somewhere deep in my brain. Many more fantastic examples of Sesame Street’s brilliance at the link below.

Rhizome | Sesame Street Highlights

First airing in 1969, Sesame Street was an innovation in educational television. In addition to producing its own live action sequences, the show reached into the worlds of film and animation and commissioned work from studios such as Jeff Hale’s Imagination, Inc., John and Faith Hubley’s Storyboard Films, and Jim Simon’s Wantu Enterprises. The program also pioneered the use of early computer graphics from the Scanimate analog computer courtesy of Dolphin Productions in New York City. All of these elements combined to create some of the most adventurous and artistic children’s programming ever shown on television.

Here’s the trailer for Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Not sure what to think on this one. Could be good, could be not. I do like me some stop-motion, so it has that going for it. Oh, and George Clooney playing a fantastic fox, which may just be the role he was born to play. That guy is a force. (via Elastic Hrtr)

“Fireworks” by PES (via Eyeteeth)

Debussy, Clair de Lune (via aprilini)

Bang-yao Liu, Deadline

Now that is some very clever post-it usage. Also reminds me how much I enjoy this song (by Röyksopp).

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